Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow


What is WebCT?

WebCT is the course management system used in most online courses and many classroom-based courses to deliver content over the web and enhance the teaching and learning experience. 

If you are planning to use WebCT in and have not already had your previous courses converted or your new courses created, and need assistance, please contact us immediately. 

Once your courses are created or copied you will need to make sure all the links work, that you are familiar with the look, feel, and navigation. 

What is Blackboard (Bb)?

Blackboard is the learning management system that HPU will be adopting in the future. It has many of the tools you are used to using, includes many more capabilities like integrating social networking tooks, end of course evaluations, early alert notices, and will become inceasingly important for its "Outcomes" assessment module. 

Not to worry, this system will be phased in over the next academic year with plenty of opportunities to learn how this system might help you enhance teaching and learning as well as make assessment tasks like program review less challenging. 

Blackboard bought WebCT. What does that mean to HPU?

WebCT is now a Blackboard Company. At least for now, both product lines will continue to be developed and supported. We can probably expect that in time a "new" product will be developed that integrates new technologies with the best of both products.