Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Video Resources on Pedagogical Issues

The Syracuse resource, titled "Critical Incidents in College Teaching,"  comprises a series of 15 vignettes designed to facilitate a discussion of challenging teaching situations, including topics such as relationships with advisors, peers, and students, issues of sexual harassment and so on. Each of these vignettes, each 30-90 seconds, raises an issue without resolving it. Each thus provides a springboard for discussion of that issue, and a short opener that could be used with students or in a program meeting as a discussion prompt.

Video 1:   a cell phone distracts a classmate

Video 2:   two dudes are way off-task

Video 3:   students discuss a professor’s “unfair” grading

Video 4:   a role play is set up; students are irritated by the role assumptions

Video 5:   Didn’t anyone do the reading?

Video 6:   Most students are absent, at a rally.  What to do with the rest of the class?

Video 7:   teacher returns homework, complains everyone missed a calculus problem: a student


Video 8:   a peer teacher seeks counsel about accommodating student disability

Video 9:   teacher challenges material-sharing during an open-book exam

Video 10:  a colleague asks for time you can’t give

Video 11:  two novice teachers discuss needing a skill they haven’t seen used before

Video 12:  a low-performing student relates a fabric of personal problems in her meeting in your


Video 13:  two students in a lab group complain about a non-performing peer

Video 14:  is help in class being supplied unfairly, or with gender-bias?

Video 15:  two professors discuss a plagiarism incident.

The U. of Minnesota site offers a variety of tutorials (text-based), ranging from topics such as effective instructional use of PowerPoint, constructing a syllabus, managing classroom conflict, and managing student challenges to active learning strategies.