Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Utilizing Publisher Material For Your Blackboard Course

An advantage to teaching with Blackboard Learn is the utilization of your textbook publisher’s electronic material.  Electronic material can be test banks, PowerPoint presentations, and other supplemental resources such as videos and assignments.

The publishers have various methods of delivering the electronic material to you.  They can:

  1. Send you a link to their website for you to download the resources to your computer and then upload to your Blackboard Learn course.
  2. Send you instructions on how to install a course cartridge for Blackboard.
  3. Advise you to use their built in content in Blackboard known as a building block.

If you want to utilize your publisher’s electronic content:

  1. Contact your publisher’s representative.  They will give you the most up-to-date resources for your textbook.
  2. Find out from your representative if students will need an access code to be able to access the material
  3. If an access code is needed by your students, verify with the bookstore that textbooks ordered for your course includes the access code or that the bookstore is also selling the access code if a used textbook is purchased