Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Teaching Strategies - definitions





  • Lecture
  • Lecture with discussion
  • Informal Lecture
  • Extensive oral presentation of material
  • Presentation of information directly to students
  • With or without visual aids
  • Does include questioning

Panel of Experts

  • Can be by rank
  • Can be by role
  • Inviting experts in their field to come in and present their experience and point of view
  • Field questions directly from the students


  • Turn charts with scribe
  • Carousel
  • Oral
  • Written
  • Generating ideas
  • In class, groups, or individually
  • Orally or in writing
  • All ideas are treated equally


  • You tube
  • Movies
  • Animated video games
  • Examples or scenarios to set scenes
  • Use to provide an expert that cannot come into classroom


  • Class discussion
  • Small group discussion
  • Two way discussion between instructor and students to increase learning opportunities
  • Instructor guides questions to stay on topic, to ensure learning outcomes, and to increase learning

Concept Map

  • Spider
  • Hierarchy
  • Flowchart
  • systems
  • A visual depiction of material covered and relationships between the information
  • Can be used to brainstorm a topic, put events in sequence or explain information from most to least important.

Case Study

  • Historical battles
  • Case studies typically examine the interplay of all variables in order to provide as complete an understanding of an event or situation as possible.

Role Playing

  • Simulations
  • Act out roles
  • Assign roles (actor/observer)
  • Students physically act out scenarios, scenes, or take roles to allow them to take part in the learning.

Report-Back Sessions

  • Peer teaching
  • brainstorming
  • Assign each individual or small group one section of the material to research, then return and teach to the rest of the class


  • Knowledge check of pre-reads: crossword puzzles, fill blanks etc.
  • Definitions of terms
  • Any use of written work to assess student knowledge

Index Card Exercise

  • K-W-L
  • Muddiest Point
  • Assign or set scene for role play
  • Impromptu speech topics
  • Any activity that uses index cards
  • Used to get immediate and individual feedback from students

Guest Speaker

  • Someone from outside who comes in to make presentation or instruction based on his or her own experience

Values Clarification Exercise

  • Discussion
  • Scenarios
  • What would you do…
  • A method to allow a student to discover his or her own values by assessing, exploring, and determining what those personal values are and how they affect personal  decision making.

Knowledge Checks

  • Quick reflection
  • K-W-L
  • Think, pair, share
  • Turn to your partner
  • Muddiest point
  • Concept map
  • Directed paraphrasing
  • Before and after
  • Any method that allows the instructor to see that the class has learned the material.
  • Can be oral or written
  • Goes beyond general questioning


  • Impromptu speeches
  • Transition speeches
  • Brainstretchers
  • Reflection papers
  • Minute papers
  • Activities that have the students perform without preparation


  • Individual or groups
  • Written or oral
  • Turn charts
  • Knowledge check
  • Have students write what they already know about a topic, and what they want to learn. After the lesson, add the “what they learned” in the L column


  • Knowledge check
  • Active brainstorming
  • Using turn charts or chalk boards, have small groups brainstorm each topic.  Move group from board to board to continue to add items.  Ensure that last round is back where they started so students can read all that was added.


  • Turn to your partner
  • Peer eval
  • Peer reads
  • Think, pair, share
  • Have students work together in pairs or small groups to give each other feedback on ideas, written work etc.

Before and After

  • Pre-test/post-test
  • Knowledge check
  • Give students an assessment of prior knowledge, then teach lesson and revisit if they would do it differently after the lesson

Source:  Kathleen Gallaher, Communications Instructor, Marine Corps University. Posted with permission from Terry Booker, Academics Chief at Kaneohe MCBH.