Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow



We schedule regular workshops to help instructors enhance their teaching with active learning and assessment strategies.

We invite you to share your experiences, tips and tricks, by presenting and participating in our faculty and staff presentation series.

Some Possible categories

  • Service Learning and Community-Building Presentations
  • Research
  • Teaching and Learning Workshops (classroom technology, online techniques, or face-to-face learning)

 How to participate


- your proposal: (a) topic title (b) two to three paragraph abstract and (c) your professional title

- dates and times of day that best fit your schedule (we usually plan for a one-hour program. Please allow time for set-up and removal of AV or other equipment.)

   Your date/time of choice is subject to classroom/conference room availability.

- a short biography (helpful when we introduce you to the session attendees)

Proposals should describe session content and specify audience outcomes. They will offer detail adequate for a reader to determine, easily, the likelihood of benefit from attending.

Submissions are welcome anytime.

We promote the session by a Pipeline announcement and track attendance on behalf of the presenter.

New Faculty Orientation

Our center coordinates New Faculty Orientation, a once-yearly event at the start of the fall semester, which includes many shorter hands-on workshops and is open to all full-time and part-time faculty, staff and administrators.  The orientation session for new instructors, held within that day, likely will be presented more often during the forthcoming academic year and summer; in it we ask current faculty to give voice to our teaching culture and expectations.

Faculty Scholarship Day

We administer, and a committee of the Faculty Assembly plans, Faculty Scholarship Day - a twice yearly event at which faculty present about research, teaching and scholarship.

Faculty Scholarship Day is one venue to share your scholarship, teaching practice, and community work to colleagues and graduate students.

Please consider presenting, with your students, the results of collaborative research. If internal grants support your research and travel, Faculty Scholarship Day helps fulfill your grant dissemination commitment.

Presentation at scholarship day may help you rehearse and refine parts of a presentation planned for a larger conference, and it will supplement your reappointment portfolio.

Follow directions in the Call for Abstracts and then email your presentation title, abstract, professional title and contact information to

The abstract (150 words max) is part of the program and informs readers of your purpose or argument. Readers choose to attend based on your description.

For instructions on how to submit a poster session, click this link.