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Student Government Association


Student Government Association (SGA) represents the students of Hawai'i Pacific University and is the student governing body.


SGA is comprised of the Student Body President, Student Senate, Campus Activities Board (CAB), and Student Judicial Council (SJC).  The HPU Student Body President serves as the chief representative and advocate of the student body.

The Student Senate is the SGA legislative branch representing the student voice.  Senate hosts town hall meetings each semester for students to share concerns directly the University President or other departments.

Fast Facts

  •  A Student Body President is elected each spring for the following academic year. 
  • Two student senators represent each academic college.  Additional senators (one each) represent Hawai‘i Loa Campus, Downtown Campus, Military, Veterans, Graduate, and International students. 
  • Fall Special Elections will be held from September 24 through September 26, 2012.  Ten Senate and three CAB positions are available.  Elections are on HPU Pipeline.  Candidate packets are available on the SGA website.
  • Every HPU student registered for at least one credit is a constituent of the SGA and can vote. Elected members must be enrolled as full-time students.
  • We encourage students to attend the weekly meetings of the Student Senate and voice comments and concerns to the student Senators.
  • Past Senates advocated for changes to the Inter-Campus Shuttle, approval for RSOs (clubs) to distribute condoms on campus, and improved classroom facilities. Members serve on university committees, including the Strategic Planning and Pedestrian Safety taskforces.  They have assisted departments on projects such as updating course evaluations and a Hawaiian culture survey for GenEd.
  • SGA is advised by staff from the Center for Student Life and First-Year Programs.


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