Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Services for Students with Disabilities

The Disabilities Resources Office aims to provide reasonable accommodations for our students, with qualifying disabilities, to access our programs and facilities, so they may prepare to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society.


The general categories for which accommodations are made include the following: facility accessibility, test-taking, assignments, and attendance. The following list are some of  the more common accommodations that are provided: extended time in a quiet, undisturbed setting for taking an exam (proctored) ; double time at the tutoring center; note taking/note sharing; copies/ early distribution of handouts, when available; alternate format for test-taking; enlarged print; and accessible classrooms.

Fast Facts

  • Your student will provide you with a letter for accommodations at the beginning of each semester. The letter will not list the disability, only the eligible accommodations.
  • You should not ask the student what their disability is. The student may choose to disclose their disability on their own and/or share it with their peers. If a student self-discloses this information, it does not release you from maintaining their confidential status.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to meet with you to discuss their accommodations. Use this opportunity to freely discuss your expectations, as listed on your syllabus, and how the accommodation can satisfactorily meet both of your needs. You can discuss how the accommodation helps; get clarification early so there are no misunderstandings later in the semester!
  • Making a reservation at CAS (Center for Academic Success) for a proctor and a quiet room for test taking is a process that requires early planning.  Become familiar with the online form and plan ahead.
  • Visit the center’s website and view the FAQs:
  • Be open- minded and flexible. Consider Universal Course Design strategies. Visit: and Excellence in Higher Education) for more ideas.

The ADA Exam Accommodations Form can be accessed via Pipeline at the following location: Pipeline/Academic Admin Tab/Faculty & Staff Resources/ADA Exam Accommodation.

Instructors are required to confer with students on a time/date to take a test, as well as communicate with the Center for Academic Success on the 6th floor of LB building (& Atherton Library if testing at Hawai`i Loa Campus) at least two business days prior to the testing time/date.

For more information on ADA compliance, please view the following documents:

Types of Accomodations

Section 504 Compliance Handbook Excerpt

 Connect with us

  •, phone (808)566-2406
  • Deneen Kawamoto, Disability Resources Coordinator,

          1060 Bishop Street, Suite 602 (LB Bldg.) , Honolulu, HI 96813| Telephone: (808) 544-1197| Fax: (808) 544-1170

Primary responsibilities: providing administrative support to the Coordinator; maintaining note-taking program (schedules and distribution of notes); distribution and collection of mid-semester evaluations; and numerous other duties including providing general office support for the academic advising staff.