Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Orientation Checklist

Learning about how HPU works, how we work together to serve students, and how to be successful here is not a one-day task. This brief orientation checklist is designed to direct you to important information and resources quickly and efficiently.

Starters . . . learning CRITICAL first things first

Attend New Teacher Orientation.  This annual Fall event offers a great way to meet other new faculty and learn about the resources available to support faculty.

Visit Human Resources (FH310) to have your photo taken for your ID card.  Your ID card admits you to the library and computer labs. If you were very recently hired, bring your contract or a letter (from your dean or college’s administrative assistant) to verify your status.  Occasionally, delays in transmission of paperwork between HR and IT result in delay and college documents may facilitate issuance of ID.

  • Downtown campus Adjunct Faculty and current employees may get their picture taken at the Human Resources office (call the HR Customer Rep. at 544-1193.)
  • Hawaii Loa campus Adjunct Faculty and current employees may have their picture taken at the Education Technology Center, during ETC operational hours.
  • Military campus Adjunct Faculty and current employees may have their picture taken by their campus coordinator by appointment with the coordinator.

Explore Pipeline, HPU’s university portal. Once your paperwork at HR is completed, you will be assigned a pipeline user name and password which will allow you to access Pipeline. All university-wide communication is done through the Pipeline account, which ends in You will use it to check class rosters, upload courses, learn critical deadlines, get information about internal grants, communicate with your classes, and submit grades.

Locate your class schedule, class lists, buildings, etc. Find your class schedule and class lists on Pipeline (or from your college’s office, if you don’t yet have a Pipeline account).  Locate your classroom by viewing this map of the downtown campus.  Shortly before the term begins, you’ll notice that a schedule of classes in each room is posted next to the doorway. For a map of the Hawaii Loa campus, click this link.

Make sure you can access computers in the classroom consoles.  Users of HPU classroom computers will be prompted for a username and password to log on to those computers. No computer functions, such as internet, computer-based CD or DVD, can be accessed without this log-on.  If you’re not sure what’s in your classrooms, visit them ahead of time to check.  To create your log-on access to the classroom computers (VDIs), go to the Tech Support tab on Pipeline and scroll to the BLUE box in the right column and follow the prompts.

  • Your log-on username is the same as your Pipeline username.
  • Your log-on password (network password) is the same as the one you use to log-on to the HPU WI-FI.
  • Click on Submit (make sure you check the little box)

Book lists. Verify with your college admin assistant that the most recent books have been ordered for your course(s). The book list is posted on the Bookstore’s website at at least 5 weeks before the term starts and you’ll want to check there as well confirm that all textbook information is correct.  If there are any errors, contact your college admin assistant right away.  If you have any questions contact the Bookstore at 808.544.9369.

Learn about transportation options.  HPU offers a shuttle between the downtown and Hawaii Loa campuses.  You can find shuttle information here. Currently, students have seating priority but the shuttles run often. Human Resources can provide you with a bus pass each month for the following month, the cost of which is a salary deduction that reduces your taxable income. Find the form at a visit to the HR office on the third floor of First Hawaiian Tower. Find useful information on airport shuttle services and housing arrangements at the Commuter Services web site. Email the staff at Commuter Services ( to find out which services are open to faculty.

Visit the Faculty Support Center (FSC), MP 441, downtown.

  • Learn the procedures and deadlines for copying syllabi and other materials. Both full-time and part-time faculty who teach downtown have mailboxes at the FSC.
  • Sign out for keys to classroom computer cabinets at the FSC.  If you teach at LB building, sign out for keys at the 3rd floor desk in that building. If you teach on the Hawaii Loa campus, sign out for keys from the FSC on the first level (behind the bookstore). Only the key to Room 308 is available at the Ed Technology Center.
  • Sign out for pens, markers, copy paper and other supplies
  • If you need to reserve equipment in advance, submit an ITS request through the Web Forms channel at the Resources tab on Pipeline.
  • For other purchases (for example, equipment and software for your courses, please talk to your college admin assistant.)
  • See more of what the FSC does at this link:

Visit the Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching.  We are located on the 4th floor of 1188 Fort Street Mall (MP440), through the Faculty Support Center. For all faculty, we offer assistance and counsel about teaching and learning through workshops, face-to-face consultation, email, and telephone.   You can browse our Knowledge Base for information on everything from assessment to online learning and classroom management.

  • In our office, you will find five public high-speed, faculty-only computers; you can also request a semester assignment to meeting space and lockers (for part-time faculty.)  Contact Sandra Meyer, CAIT’s Coordinator, for more information about space and lockers (

Post course materials online. All courses must have syllabus materials posted on Pipeline. For a tutorial on how to do this, click here.  If you need assistance posting your syllabus online or would like to learn more about Blackboard, the platform HPU uses for online and hybrid courses, contact CAIT Instructional Designers for an appointment:  Sanford (Sandy) Low ( and Han Nee Chong Wester ( or

If you need help with multimedia, contact our Multimedia Specialist, Shawn Rodriguez at

HPU’s Administrative Organization

A sense of how HPU is organized can be obtained from browsing the public website, at View the drop-down menus, and click on departments that interest you.

Military Campus Programs (MCP), is a unit of HPU that serves, through online classes and face-to-face classes on local military bases, the special needs of service members and their families. Learn more at

Governance (policy-making, program-design and decision-making) at HPU is a joint venture of administration and an elected body called the Faculty Assembly. For more about the Assembly, see the Assembly tab on Pipeline. Participation in the Assembly is a form of uncompensated service to HPU, expected of full-time faculty and open to both full-time and adjunct faculty (voting on business is available to full-time faculty only).

Faculty Handbook The HPU Faculty Handbook is available by signing in to your Pipeline account and going to the Faculty Assembly tab.

Please note that the information on this page is subject to change.