Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Office Space for Adjunct Faculty

Part-time faculty members do not have assigned office space; practices and possibilities vary from college to college and program to program. You must have a current teaching contract in order to be signed up for space. First discuss options with your dean, program chair, or college administrative assistant.

CAIT has four high-speed computers available to part-time and full time faculty, a printer, office supplies, a telephone (for outgoing calls) and scanner.

The center is located on the 4th level of the MP building and is open M-F 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays during Faculty Support Center hours. This area is exclusively for faculty and cannot be used for student conferences or meetings.  It cannot be reserved, and is intended for public use by any faculty member, not the exclusive use of certain faculty members or to serve as a private office or storage space.

Many faculty members meet students downtown in public places, such as the nearby cafes.

A faculty lounge is now available at the Hawaii Loa Campus, room 311b. The room is equipped with two virtual desktops, a network printer, a phone, and is accessible seven days a week

If the room is locked, call the ETC to request the code.

The room is also furnished with a microwave, water cooler (dispensing hot and cold water,) a full sized refrigerator, and couch.

The Helpdesk will provide technical support and paper can be obtained from the Hawaii Loa faculty support center.