Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Making Copies for Class

For classroom needs downtown, please visit the Faculty Support Center, MP building, 4th floor (or at Hawaii Loa, 1st level). Fill out the copy request forms, and provide the staff with at least two working days of notice. [You can also send originals to each FSC electronically to (Downtown campus) or (Hawaii Loa Campus); please consult the managers in each facility for specific policies.]

If you teach on a base for Military Campus Programs, you can still use the Faculty Support Centers on the downtown or HL campuses, but in addition you can send originals to the MCP downtown office (UB800) where staff will arrange copying and send the completed work back to your base location.

For a few short term copies, bring documents on transportable media (or send in email to yourself) and print at the Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching at MP445.