Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Faculty Development Database

The Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching maintains a database of individual participation in faculty development activities, such as workshops, Orientation, and Faculty Scholarship Day.  Caution:  Programs frequently conduct activities for which sign-in is not collected or not sent to us.  Such events, and sub-programs of sign-in events are not in the database.  Our records also would not include faculty participation in off-campus or out-of-state events, meetings or conferences that might be significant in an reappointment portfolio.  For this reason, it’s important that faculty keep written records of attendance both as backup and as supplement.

Individual information is confidential.  If a program chair or administrator needs a report of individual activities, that report should be requested by the college from the faculty member about whom information is sought.  In turn, the faculty member receives a report from TLC and has control of its distribution.

Individual faculty benefit because they may, anytime, request a printed record of their own activities, which can be used in a promotion or re-appointment portfolio.

Colleges may request reports that display college-level participation.  The college and the institution benefit because participation records and reports are available to support internal reviews and the accreditation process.