Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Faculty Support Center – Who They Are and What They Do

The Faculty Support Center supports Hawai’i Pacific University’s faculty and staff by striving towards the goal of a smooth teaching experience and academic success.  (We will do our best to accommodate your requests and make your teaching life easier!)

The Faculty Support Center at the Downtown and Hawaii Loa campuses provides the following services:


  • Black and color copying (hand-outs, exams/quizzes)
  • Black and color scanning to your email or thumb drive
  • Black and color copying onto transparency
  • Faculty copy requests can be submitted using hard copy (in-person, or interoffice mail) or electronic copy by emailing the file(s) to (or if desired, pick up at HLC then send to  When requesting to copy an exam or quiz, please see FSC Management.

Classroom Related

  • Online class cancellation and posting at each room (call us if you need to cancel a class)
  • Classroom issues may be reported to FSC.
  • Directory of classroom and course listings
  • We can call HPU security to open up a classroom, DT:  753-7304 or HLC:  236-3515.


  • Scantron machine for exams/quizzes, including all forms and pencils needed for testing
  • Shredding console for confidential documents
  • Ordering of office printer ink
  • Supply of classroom materials, markers, erasers, etc.
  • Easel/writing pads for meetings
  • Hand trucks for loan


  • Phone messages delivered to mail boxes
  • Inter-office envelope delivery
  • Key borrowing/issuing
  • Beverage Center: coffee, cocoa, hot/cold water and refrigerator for faculty use
  • Pipeline syllabus archive management
  • Short term desktop, laptop, Apple adapters, CD player use (day use)
  • Student assistance with office projects/light office moves (please check with manager first)
  • Process course evaluations (end of semester)
  • Faculty may utilize our facilities as a center for their students to turn in/pick up assignments
  • For after-hours access to adjunct mailboxes, please see HLC security.
  • Same day requests will not be given priority over those submitted earlier.  Please allow two business days for requests to be processed.