Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Counseling Services - What is Available to Students?

Counseling & Behavioral Health Services are now available to all registered HPU students.  Services include individual, group, couples and family therapy.

The counseling center's approach to health and wellness includes general medical history, family background, current health status, and other important factors that affect individual health.  Students are helped to process their thoughts and feelings, guided by an objective professional who can provide support, hope and reassurance.  Faculty members are encouraged to call the Director of Counseling and Behavioral Health Services for consultation and referral related to student behavioral health, including grief and loss, depression, anxiety, relationship matters (family, spouse, and significant other), identity issues and more.  Counseling services are confidential and are not a part of a student's academic record.

For more information, to schedule a phone consultation or to help a student schedule an appointment from your office, please call (808) 236-3578 (Hawaii Loa campus) or (808) 544-1198 (downtown campus) or visit the center's web site.