Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

CVs and Resumes

Achievement summaries have a wide variety of uses:  internal applications for jobs, grants or promotions; and applications for external grants.  The contemporary resumé is a focused summary of skills, often limited to a single page for quick perusal by a reader, and often accompanied by a cover letter designed to prompt an interview offer. Lots of advice can be found in web searches; some is distilled below.

The curriculum vitae is a frequently-updated summary of employment, skills, publications, community service, reference contacts, and such other categories as may be requested by a reader, appropriate to the circumstances, or deemed useful by the writer for his/her specific audience.  Usually the items are in chronological order.

Both resume and CV are designed with a specific purpose and readers in mind;  the purpose and readers should influence the document’s construction. Pay close attention to details of the reader’s need or demands of the application.  Always get field-specific guidance from trusted peers and colleagues in your own field.