Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I send my students for information and help?

Students can visit the HelpDesk web site for details about setting up Bb Collaborate and participating in your sessions. You can link them to

What is Bb Collaborate?

Bb Collaborate is a live, synchronous (at the same time) online classroom or meeting space. Using Bb Collaborate you can share documents, present or listen to slide shows, and have voice and video conversations in real time. Instructors often use Bb Collaborate for office hours in online classes. You can learn more about Bb Collaborate from this 7-minute video.

What do I need to participate in an Bb Collaborate session?

You will need a computer connected to the internet, preferably via broadband (cable or DSL). Your computer will also need to have the latest Java software installed (see below). Depending on the features the session host is using, you may also need a headset to use the voice communication features.

What do I need to host a session?

In addition to the participant features, you will need to have a headset. You will also need to be trained and signed up as a Session Moderator. Pls, contact Eddie Merc at to request Bb Collaborate access for your classroom session.

Can I record sessions? Are there limits?

You can record sessions, and you'll be sent the URL for retrieving that recording via e-mail. You can then send out that link or post it on Angel or a web page. Please be judicious in your use of the recording feature, and only archive those sessions which are absolutely necessary.

Where can I get a headset?

Headsets can be purchased through normal department procurement processes. Contact the Help Desk for recommendations.

Where can I get the Java software?

The lastest Java software may already be installed on your computer. You can use Bb Collaborate's software check page to be sure. If you don't have the correct software and version, you can download and install it from

How can I prep my sessions?

Bb Collaborate Plan! is a tool designed to help you pre-load slides and organize your session. Licenses are available for you to add this to your computer.