Office of the Faculty Teaching Fellow

Academic Advising


The Academic Advising Centers at HPU promote student learning and development by assisting students to self?assess, develop a purposeful educational plan, and achieve personal and educational goals.

Our professional staff will assist undergraduate students (under the age of 25) with the following:

  • Create an academic plan and track progress towards graduation;
  • Understand requirements for academic programs;
  • Select, declare, or change a major and/or minor;
  • Interpret academic policies and procedures;
  • Provide appropriate support and resources to academically challenged students
  • Provide basic counseling in support of academic and personal goals.

Fast Facts

Faculty can support our efforts to help students succeed in the classroom by participating in the following retention efforts:

  • Early Alert (Focusing on predominantly Freshmen level courses)
  • Midterm Deficiency Report
  • Submit names of students who have significant number of absences or have not shown up for class within the first two weeks to:


Connect with us

Wendy Agrusa, Dean of Academic Advising

E-mail:                      808 544-1198

Contact information for the Undergraduate Advising Centers:

Nursing and Science Majors

Hawaii Loa Academic Advising Center

AC 103           808 236-3578 

All Other Majors

Downtown Advising Center

UB 123           808 544-1198