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President Geoffrey Bannister

Welcome to the Hawai’i Pacific Geoffrey BannisterUniversity website.  You will find all sorts of useful information here about who we are and what we do.  You will see that we are Hawai’i' s largest independent university with a diverse array of academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.  We have campuses in the vibrant city center of Honolulu, in the verdant hills alongside the Pali Highway and on the stunning coast at Waimanalo. 

You will also read that we are “student-centered.”  We serve students from pre-college and throughout their lifetimes.  We believe that “lifelong education” is what we all need and deserve, since education has been transformed from a transitional stage of preparation to a lifetime necessity. 

We are engaging the latest technologies to support our educational programs and we are, today, not just a residential university – we are also a major provider of “distance education.”  And, these online courses are not just for the working professional – they are also used by undergraduate resident students because of their convenience and efficiency of learning, and they are well received by our alumni.

HPU is a growing university and we have an ambitious program of development ahead of us.  Nearly 50 years old now, we are still forging new campus plans and  expanding our most precious asset – our students.  HPU’s unique vision is to maintain a student profile that is one third Hawai’i, one third mainland USA and one third global.  Thus, our student body is our most prized strategic asset – at HPU students meet their new colleagues for life.  And these future alumni come from all corners of the globe. 

HPU is a vibrant society of teachers and learners.  Students enjoy the benefits of small classes with devoted teachers who are also leaders in their professional fields. But, come and visit.  See for yourself.  This is as special a university as Hawai’i is a special place. 

President Geoffrey Bannister
1164 Bishop St., 8th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813-2882
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President Bannister – Brief Bio

Executive Secretary to the President:
Lisa Rodrigues

(808) 544-0203 lrodrigues@hpu.edu

Margot del Prado (part-time)
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Dr. Geoffrey Bannister
Hawai‘i Pacific University